Our goal is to achieve a nice alternative accommodation in the city of Braga: for tourists, students, immigrants, workers, professionals who come to Braga at conferences, studies, extended vacations, travel, families, groups ... but need all the facilities you would find in our hotel apart from alternative services we have to offer, such as housekeeping, monitoring during your stay, which includes a guided tour of the city, among others.


We are a team of intermediaries between customers and owners. We are the accommodation you are looking for, ask about types, prices, rates, conditions. Our accommodations are apartments or rooms in shared apartments, all in the city center, close to everything and everyone, as you are looking for.


Our clients are people looking for a room, apartment or house in Braga in a specific times for a short period, who prefer the convenience and independence of an apartment or room.


We offer accommodation / rooms furnished and fully equipped.

T4 - Fujacal , Braga

T3 - Cividade , Braga

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